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Wood Stove Glass

Also known as: wood stove door, wood stove replacement glass, wood stove glass replacement,woodstove glass replacement and woodstove glass

These products are made to withstand very high temperatures and are often used in woodstoves, gas stoves, ovens, halogen lamps, and laboratories. Ceramic glass does not shatter. If broken, the piece will crack into large shards. *See FAQs below for more detail

Glass Types: Ceramic Glass (Up to 1472 Deg F limited time or 1292 Deg F continuous). Brand names NeoCeram® and PyroCeram®
Thicknesses (in): Ceramic Glass 1/8” 5/32″ 3/16″
Sizes: Up tp 43” X 85” for ⅛” and Up to 43”x 78” for 3/16”
Shapes: Almost any shape
Colors 1/8” and 3/16” Clear, 5/32” Black
Edgework: Standard, flat and rounded pencil edge
Holes and Slots: Cut by water jet prior to tempering
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Wood Stove Replacement Glass Pricing

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Custom Wood Stove Glass For Your DIY Project

wood stove glass replacement

If you are looking at replacing the glass on your woodstove, we specialize in providing wood stove glass doors tailored to your specifications. We use NeoCeram® and PyroCeram® brands of glass-ceramics that can tolerate exceptionally high temperatures and maintain high thermal shock resistance. Since NeoCeram® and PyroCeram® can withstand extremely high temperatures, it is perfect for use on gas fireplaces where the fire is hotter than traditional fireplaces, or the glass is closer than four inches to the flames.

NeoCeram® and PyroCeram® are transparent, so you will be able to clearly watch the fire burning in your woodstove. This adds to the enjoyment of having a woodstove. Having glass in your woodstove door, makes the experience of a fire burning on a frigid winter day more comfortable.

Often times once your woodstove glass breaks you attempt to get replacement glass from the original manufacturer, only to find out they no longer make it for the model you have, or the wait time until you receive your glass is weeks. If you are in need of replacement glass for your woodstove, we can replace it in as little as 24 hours. Just visit our “Get a Quote” section or give us a template of the glass needed and we will custom cut it. You’ll be back to enjoying your wood stove in no time.

What’s The Difference Between Neoceram®, Pyroceram® and Robax® Glass?

When cold water is poured on hot Neoceram® and Pyroceram®, it does not crack or shatter the way standard glass would. Having a high thermal shock resistance rating makes Pyroceram® or Neoceram® an excellent choice for wood stove replacement glass where the glass is exposed to very high temperatures.

They both have the ability to tolerate continuous temperatures up to 1,292 degrees Fahrenheit or 1472 F for a limited time.


is a brand of ceramic glass manufactured by Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. It is produced and sold in 3/16” thickness sheets and can be cut into shapes and sizes for most any flat glass application that needs resistance to thermal shock, continuous high heat resistance and resistance to mechanical impact.

NeoCeram in 3/16 inch thickness (5mm) has a transparent-amber tint. OneDayGlass also provides 5/32” NeoCeram Glass® in black for use in replacement ceramic glass cooktops..


is a brand of ceramic glass manufactured by Corning Glass. It is available in 1/8 inch thickness (3mm) and also has a transparent-amber tint.

Robax Glass®

is another brand of ceramic glass used in replacement glass for wood stove doors. This ceramic glass has a lower heat resistance than either Neoceram® or Pyroceram®


SCHOTT ROBAX® vs. Tempered Glass: Thermal Shock

SCHOTT ROBAX® vs. Tempered Glass: Thermal Shock

Color of Neoceram

Color of Neoceram

Comparison Chart of Robax Glass®, Pyroceram® Glass NeoCeram Glass® and standard Tempered Glass

Property Pyroceram Glass® NeoCeram Glass® Robax Glass® Tempered Glass
Heat Resistance – Short Term 1472 degree F 1472 degree F 1400 degree F 572 degree F
Heat Resistance – Short Term 1292 degree F 1292 degree F 1040 degree F 482 degree F
Density 2.5 g/cm3 2.5 g/cm3 2.58 g/cm3 2.6 g/cm3
Thicknesses Available 1/8″ 3/16″ 1/8″ and 3/16″ 1/8″ to 1/2″

Wood Stove Door FAQS

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